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Top Silversmith uses 3D Scanning and 3D Printing to make one-of-a-kind Silver Teapots

Professor of Jewelry Design, Wendy Yothers, is truly a master of her craft. She is an artist whose work is in the permanent collection of the Victoria and Albert Museum, the Corning of Glass, the Newark Museum, the Smithsonian American Art Museum and even the Vatican! As a professor at the Fashion Institute of Technology, in NYC, Wendy had heard about 3D scanning from one of her students. She embraced modern technology and used 3D scanning in conjunction with traditional clay sculpting to bring her designs to fruition in a faster and more cost effective way.

First, Wendy hand carved her pieces in clay:

The sculpted clay is then 3D scanned using a high resolution 3D scanner. It is then 3D printed in wax and casted in sterling silver. Finally, Wendy puts her finishing touches as a master silversmith, and voilá- unique, stunning works of art.

The Aliens Have Landed- Custom teapots by Wendy Yothers

Hand raised, cast, and fabricated sterling silver
Fish serving utensils in sterling silver

Fish serving knives in sterling silver

Horse cane- by Wendy Yothers

Lizard canes

Wendy Yothers is a silversmith by profession, and specializes in restoration, prototype making, and production smithing. She found a way to fuse her traditional craftsmanship in silversmithing with modern 3D scanning and printing technology to design unique one-of-a-kind silver masterpieces.

To preserve your sculpture or work of art, contact us for your 3D scanning and 3D printing needs.

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