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Top 6 reasons to Hire an Experienced, Professional 3D Scanning Company

3D scanning is becoming more recognized and utilized in many industries. It is important to work with an experienced 3D scanning company that can capture and provide accurate 3D scan data in a timely and cost effective way.

1. 3D Scanning Experience. When hiring a 3D scanning service, it is important to ensure that the person capturing the scan has 3D scanning experience. For example, some objects may require a scanning spray to capture details, especially if the surface is shiny or uniform. An experienced 3D scanning technician knows how to position an object or person correctly depending on what the scan data will be used for, ie 3D printing vs. animation. It is also important to ensure the surrounding environment is ideal for 3D scanning. Finally, knowing which 3D scanner to use for a particular project, based on the size, complexity and texture of the object/person being scanned, is important in getting the best final product.

3D scanning a small object using the Artec Space Spider

2. Accurate Data. If it is important that a 3D scan be accurate, ie, a functional gear or antique coin, knowing the resolution of the 3D scanner is important. One must also keep in mind that during the 3D printing process, the material being used has a tolerance and may shrink or expand. Thus, scan data may need to be adjusted to accommodate for this.

Scanning a functional part requires a highly accurate 3D scanner

3. Cost Effective. You don't want to waste time or resources making multiple changes to an inaccurate 3D scan. Capture It in 3D offers its clients links to view their 3D model(s) in all dimensions for approval. This digital render allows clients to see how their 3D scan data will appear in its final form.

4. Post-Processing Expertise. Although 3D scanning can be very accurate, it is not perfect. Sometimes, there may be movement, and the scan may not align perfectly, or the texture (color) may have to be adjusted. When hiring a 3D scanning company, it is important that the company also has a team of experienced 3D modelers. The 3D modelers must also have the ability to work with high resolution 3D scan data to "clean up" the scan or to scale the scan smaller or larger. This is a unique skill that many conventional 3D modelers may not have.

5. Up-to date Software Licenses and Computers. 3D scanning companies should be updating their software licenses fairly regularly. By updating software licenses, scanning companies can capture more accurate, photorealistic scans in a more timely and cost effective manner. Computers need to be powered with enough memory to be able to handle large amounts of data to maintain accurate 3D files.

High memory computers are needed to process 3D scan data.

6. Evolving technology. Improvements are continuously being made to keep up with the demand for highly accurate 3D scans for numerous industries, including cinematography, manufacturing and 3D printing. 3D scanning companies stay up to date by attending industry conferences, by collaborating with 3D printing companies and by reading industry specific newsletters and magazines. It is important to work with a 3D scanning company that is able to keep up with this evolving, dynamic, but exciting industry.

Contact us at info@captureitin3d for your 3d scanning inquiries.

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