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Finally. The 3D
blueprint you need.  

Turn your idea into a 3D reality and create a lasting impression both digitally and in the physical space. 

We begin with 
the end in mind. 

We can do this because we not only understand the printer, but the print materials, and all the variables involved. Don't wait until the end of your project to see if you're heading in the right direction. 

With us, the 
sky’s the limit. 

We deliver files that push the limits of possibility with the greatest capability in 3D modeling and 3D printing out there. While we don’t limit your solutions to a specific printer, we guide you to the best options for your project. 



Transform your actual, physical object into a 3D asset or 3D print. As a 3D scanning service, we utilize multiple scanning technologies and can scan almost anything you can think of, even objects that are shiny or extremely small. We offer our scanning services on site and will travel anywhere.


Create items that do not exist or cannot be found easily into 3D assets that can be used for digital purposes or 3D printing. We will work directly with you throughout the 3D modeling process to ensure your requirements are met. From Character Design to Prototyping, we've got you covered. 


Scanning & Modeling

Reverse Engineer your idea by modifying an existing object into a revised version of it. We’ll use 3D scanning to fast track your modeling in a fraction of the time by scanning your physical objects and creating digital assets out of real world items. With this approach, we can develop more complex life-like 3D assets that replicate your ideas in record time. 


A good print starts with a well-designed model that is optimized for 3D printing.  We specialize in large, XL and high volume 3D printing and manufacturing.



So you have the perfect replica of the living item you wanted.  Now, you want it to have the ability to move. Breathe life into your 3D assets by giving them the ability to move with rigging. We'll take your 3D asset and give it the ability to go where it wants to.

We are the first step towards

bringing your idea to life.


Book a scan or send us your photo / concept / drawing.


We’ll scan and create a 3D model link for you to review.


Approve your model and see it come to life.

Accuracy Matters to us. 

We’ll make sure that it’s right for you and that you’re happy within 3 revision periods (95% of clients approve their files within this period). Whether you need a starting point for a file or you know exactly what you want, we'll deliver a 3D render you can review. 

Brands We've Worked With


Choose a convenient time to scan yourself or your item in our studio or onsite at your location.

67 West St, Brooklyn,

NY 11222, USA

Tel: (855) 693-3722    |

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Use our easy online uploading service to send us a picture of yourself or product and receive a quote within 24 hours. 

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