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Cash App launches New Clothing Line using 3D Scanning Technology

Updated: Jun 12, 2021

Introducing Cash by Cash App, a new cool, colorful and comfortable clothing line tailored towards the Gen Zs. Through the use of innovative 3D scanning technology, Cash App was able to design their own 3D avatars to engage their users via a unique 3D experience. The bright patterns of the clothes, great lighting and energetic, youthful models made this job ideal for 3D scanning.

3D scanning is becoming more and more popular in the Fashion industry. It is a great way to bring the physical world into the digital space.

3D scanning is also very useful in the apparel industry to help develop custom fit attire, for virtual fittings and custom pattern development. The mobility of 3D scanning allows 3D data to be captured on location quickly and efficiently.

Check out the final 3D digital avatars at:

Call us now at (855) 693-3722 to schedule your 3D scanning service.

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