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accuracy and efficiency.

A good print starts with a well-designed model that is optimized for 3D printing.


Next Level Accuracy & Experience.

We leverage our vast experience and understanding of the 3D printing and modeling industry to scan and model your ideas with lifelike results and accuracy.

Versatility & Originality.

You want original solutions to your original ideas. We offer an untethered, innovative approach to scanning and modeling and anticipate your needs by providing you the right selection of 3D file types so you can bring your original ideas to life. We take your privacy seriously with NDA agreements on the most sensitive projects. 


Accelerated Efficiency.

You don’t have months to manufacture your idea. We utilize the combined experience of 3D modelers and 3D scanning specialists to turn around your ideas into a digital render within a matter of days. 

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 3D scanning
and 3D software specialist


3D design team leader


3D scanning specialist

and 3D market researcher


Lead 3D modeler


Approve your model and see it come to life.


We’ll scan and create a 3D model link for you to review.


Book a scan or send us your photo / concept / drawing.

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bringing your idea to life.

What people are saying about us.

Studio EIS has been extremely fortunate to have collaborated with Capture It In 3D for several years. We've worked together on projects for the National WWII Museum, 49ers Hall of Fame, National Museum of the US Army and more. David has been extraordinarily professional and generous with his time and services. He has a great team and we cannot recommend them enough for any project.

Elliot Schwartz, President 

Brands we've worked with.


Choose a convenient time to scan yourself or your item in our studio or onsite at your location.

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