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How 3D Scanned Models jumped into a Video Game

Updated: Jan 1, 2022

3D scanning has so many applications, and its use is becoming more wide spread

within the fashion industry. We recently scanned several models dressed in colorful, eclectic Collina Strada attire as part of a project in which these models would then become video game characters for the Collina Land video game.

3D scanning model, Dhachi.

3D digital assets of Collina Strada models.

Collina Land video game platform.

The Collina Strada brand encourages self-reflection through clothing, and the company emphasizes social issues and awareness. We were honored to have had the privilege to work with creative production agency, Barlow & Sons, Inc and Collina Strada on this truly unique project that pushed the envelope of possibility. By using 3D scanning, characters that in the past would have taken weeks to 3D model and animate were able to be transposed into a gaming platform in a matter of days.

Let the games begin.

Check out the site, and play a game or two:

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