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Top 7 Uses for Body 3D Scanning. The Last One May Surprise You.

Updated: Sep 27, 2021

Body 3D scanning is a great way to capture an accurate 3D model of a person's body. Several sectors have found creative ways to utilize 3D scan data to advance their fields and to enhance the experiences of their clients by providing custom products and services.

  1. Fashion Industry. Body 3D scanning has been embraced by the Fashion community, and has helped to save significant time, money and resources.

A. Measurements- Accurate measurements of the waist, hip, chest, shoulders and height of a person can be determined using an onsite laser 3D scanner and integrated software to design custom clothing to supplement the tailors' tape measure. Although 3D scanning has not completely replaced the need for human interaction, it has helped to maintain interperson consistency. Several companies have adopted body 3D scanning to make custom fitted suits, including Alton Lane, Benajamin's Custom , Element Pure and Gay Giano. The Bodymetrics body scanner in Bloomingdale's is used to measure a person's size and shape for a more customized fit. American fashion designer, Tom Ford, used 3D scanning technology to design a custom "chrome breastplate" for actress, Zendaya, for the 2020 Critics' Choice Awards.

Fashion Brand, Element Pure, uses 3D scanning to tailor clothes

Actress, Zendaya, wears a sculpted metal-like fuchsia harness top designed by Tom Ford and made possible by 3D scanning

Theater companies are now utilizing 3D bust scans to design custom head gear and attire for actors on Broadway. Using 3D scans, files can be sent to designers abroad to custom design costumes without the need for the actors to travel. This saves both time and money. It also limits infectious exposures to both actors and costume designers during a viral pandemic.

B. 3D printing- 3D scanning has been used alongside 3D printing to design custom mannequins. Luxury brand, Louis Vuitton, was at the forefront with adopting 3D scanning technology. Fashion models were 3D scanned and then 3D printed to make custom mannequins for exhibition.

Fashion model 3D scanned using Artec Eva handheld scanner

Louis Vuitton fashion models transformed into custom mannequins

2. 3D printed figurines. Body 3D scanning is also used to make custom figurines that can be 3D printed in various materials in single or multicolor. The figurines can be used as wedding cake toppers, gifts, or as momentos. Figurines can also be used as props in TV shows and movies, as seen in the hit show, Blindspot, or they can be used as part of unique, custom dioramas.

A. Full color resin:

Actors from hit show, Bindspot, 3D scanned and 3D printed in full color resin for board game scene

B. Full color sandstone:

Full color figurine, 3D scanned and 3D printed in gypsum, by Capture It in 3D

C. Single texture/color:

3D scanned and printed in single color resin on custom base

3. Fitness. Fit3D is a software that integrates with a self-service body scanner and enables clients to scan themselves. Gym trainers can then review the data with clients rather than physically conducting body measurements. This saves most trainers at least 15-minutes per person. Clients can also obtain and before and after 3D body scan to track their progress during their weight loss journey. Boston-based fitness company , Elite Home Fitness, provides in home and luxury residential personal training services using 3D scanning technology.

4. 3D avatars. Full body 3D scanning allows physical models to be digitally preserved or rigged for animation. Fashion brand, Collina Strada, used 3D scanning to transport models into a fashion filled, colorful and interactive video game, entitled Collina Land.

Collina Strada fashion model 3D scanned on site by Capture It in 3D

Fashion models 3D scanned by Capture It in 3D for Collina Strada video game

5. Digital animation. Body 3D scanning can be used to generate content for social media or for digital and creative marketing. The technology has also been used in the movie and music video industry and in gaming. Hologram technology, in combination with augmented (AR) and virtual reality (VR), has been used to recreate former artists, such as Tupac Shakur and Michael Jackson. A Tupac Shakur look-a-like was 3D scanned and posed in several positions. Reference photos were taken to capture various facial expressions. Visual effects company, Digital Domain, used this data to bring Tupac "back to life", and the animated Tupac hologram was revealed at Coachella 2012. Although fans may still prefer live concerts of their favorite artists, if an artist is 3D scanned while alive and in his/her prime, such data can be saved for future use, thereby immortalizing the artist.

Realtor, Joseph Jerez, 3D scanned and animated, by Capture It in 3D

Rapper, French Montana, 3D scanned by Capture It in 3D, for digital animation

Hologram and AR/VR technology used to recreate the late rapper, Tupac Shakur,

at Coachella 2012

6. Health. Doctors are creating highly accurate custom prosthetics and splints for broken bones. The adoption of 3D scanning and 3D visualization in the clinical setting has been transformative in the delivery of personalized patient care. 3D scanning makes it possible to better prepare for surgery, improve the detection of genetic defects, and improve the accuracy of measurements.

Custom prosthetic legs made for world class athlete, Aimee Mullins, using 3D scan data. Courtesy of Capture It in 3D.

7. Digital preservation. Not sure what to do with your 3D scan today? Save your 3D file for future use. As the technology becomes more mainstream, you can always pull the file out of your digital library!

Body 3D scanning can be used across diverse industries, including 3D printing, animation, fashion, fitness and health. These scans can be captured on site in high resolution or via a photogrammetry system. in only a few minutes.

Industry leader, Capture It in 3D, offers mobile 3D scanning using the highest resolution handheld 3D scanners available. Schedule your 3D body scan today.

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