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How 3D Scanning is used to create Digital Assets for Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR/VR)

Updated: Nov 26, 2020

Using 3D scanning to create assets for digital use is one of our areas of expertise. We optimize 3D scans of objects or people for a multitude of AR/VR uses. There are unique challenges present when working with scan data to create usable assets, which is where our experience comes in. Sometimes, it is necessary to perform retopology (see previous blog post) and create UV maps to allow for a more photorealistic appearance.

Your item can be 3D scanned and then optimized for use in AR applications such as viewing the item in a real space looking through an AR viewer.

3D scans of people can be rigged and optimized for use in AR/VR allowing for the creation of unique content or filters for AR ready apps.

Here is a short VR video we did to showcase some of our work over the years:

And sometimes we like to have fun in AR too:

The need for digital content is growing and using 3D scanning to create digital 3D assets is an excellent solution for those looking to capture real world objects or people and use them in AR and VR.

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