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Site Surveying

We're Scan to Sketchup, BIM and CAD, Made Easy. Book a scan for your property today!  We travel anywhere.   Our surveys include lasers scanning for accuracy, matterports walkthroughs,  and Sketchup or CAD conversions.  

Our state-of-the-art 3D Laser Scanning services in New York are designed to redefine the way you approach engineering, architectural, and design projects.


At Capture It In 3D, we are thrilled to be leading the way in revolutionizing project foundations with our cutting-edge 3D Laser Scanning Services in New York! Our As-Built Surveys provide comprehensive insights and precise data for every project, from engineering to architecture and beyond. With our meticulous approach, we leave no stone unturned, ensuring that every project starts on a solid foundation and minimizing unexpected surprises down the line.

Surveying Sample Data

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