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Transforming Your Antiques Into Jewelry.

Updated: May 29, 2019

Step One. schedule a 3D Scanning session to have the antique 3D scanned. For this project we scanned a NYFD hat that is over 75 years old. The hat is property of McSorleys Old Ale House in NYC.

Antique NYFD hat donated to McSorleys Old Ale House

Step 2.

We clean up the scan data and ready it for 3D print. Our design team will make any modifications to your scan including resizing and added any attachments.

3D scan data must be processed to create a watertight mesh. For jewelry the model must also be detailed after it is resized specifically to print optimally on a wax 3D printer.

Step 3.

The 3D file is now printed on a high resolution wax 3D printer.

Sorry I don’t have a picture of the wax from the NYFD hat but the prints look like this .

Step 4.

The wax is casted in precious metal. For this project we used silver. All of our precious metals are tested for purity and guaranteed. We use only the best.

Raw silver after casting

Step 5

The silver is then polished and finished for the client. We can also create a mold in case you need them in bulk.

A mold can be created and kept for future replicas of your jewelry.

The final pendant

The final pendant created for NYFD donation.

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