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©2019 Capture It In 3D. 

Top Silversmith uses 3D scanning in her one-of-a-kind silver designs.

Professor of Jewelry Design, Wendy Yothers, is truly a master of her craft. As a professor at the Fashion Institute of Technology, in NYC, Wendy understood how technology could be used to bring her designs to fruition in a faster and more cost effective way.

First, Wendy's designs are hand carved in clay:

The sculpted clay is then 3D scanned using a high resolution 3D scanner. It is 3D printed in wax and casted in sterling silver. Wendy then puts her finishing touches as a master silversmith, and voilá- a unique, stunning work of art.

To see more of Wendy's fantastic pieces of art, you can take a visit to the Smithsonian American Art Museum, the Museum of the City of New York or the Victorian and Albert Museum in London.

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