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Pushing The Limits Of 3D Printing

Updated: Nov 15, 2019

We were recently contracted to produce multiple scaled replicas of a popular arena in NYC and utilized multiple technologies to create the final product. First, we had to 3D model the arena from photos and architectural drawings, as no 3D print ready model existed. Below are some still images we captured during the modeling process to use as a reference when building upon the model.

Click on each thumbnail from left to right to see the progress.

It was necessary to design the separate pieces with different tolerances in mind, as we knew we would be 3D printing them in different materials. We chose to utilize large format SLA and the Mimaki 3DUJ553, which we have posted about in the past.

Large format SLA machine ran for 35 hours straight for each run.

The Mimaki machine is also an absolute workhorse, as each interior insert took 49 hours to 3D print. Each color 3D print then has to be washed in an ultrasonic bath to help dissolve the support materials. The colors are outstanding ,and in our opinion, the Mimaki was the only machine capable of producing this level of detail.

Video of Mimaki 3DUJ-553 in action.

Sometimes the prints don't always go smoothly. Luckily, we only had one failure due to a software update. Print failure is not uncommon, and this was truly a lengthy 3D print.

18 hour 3D print failure.

The final product had to be silver plated, and the exterior, hand polished. It had a removable lid and highly detailed interior. The entire job was completed in three weeks from initial concept to final product.

Close-up video of details.

Final product.

We love pushing the boundaries of 3D printing and 3D modeling to create unique products such as this. We are extremely grateful we had the opportunity to put as much effort into this project as we did.