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©2019 Capture It In 3D. 

High Resolution 3D Scan For Animation.

Today, we had the opportunity to capture a full-body high resolution scan in Greenpoint, our neighborhood in Brooklyn.

We traveled to our client and captured the scan in a couple of minutes. He plans on using the post produced 3D data for creating an animation.

According to him, he created this huge mask 3 years ago! It cost about $2000!!

We asked our client to stand in a T pose which we will then rig and prepare for his specific application. After we determined the end use of the captured scan, we advised him on what polygon count would be suitable and explained how re topology works. We will go into more detail about Re topology in future blog posts.

(There are certain limitations with polygon count and resolution when creating content that is to be viewed on a wide range of devices)

If you are interested in making videos with your animated body, feel free to contact us!


Type: High resolution full body scan.

Purpose of scan: Making animation for video.

Total scan & processing time: 25 minutes including setup and breakdown.