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Creating Custom Trophies

For this project, we had the opportunity to create over 100 custom trophies for a client. They were to appear gold chrome and had to be produced in under two weeks from initial concept to final product.

Custom gold chrome 3D printed trophies. This was the final product.

The trophies were first 3D modeled and optimized for 3D printing in SOMOS resin on a large format SLA machine which allowed for rapid production. It took about a day of 3D modeling to created the four unique designs and have them optimized for large format SLA 3D printing.

Below are some stills of the digital model before we sent to the 3D printer.

It took about three days of printing to create all 120 of the unique models. We 3D print on an SLA-600 large format machine and love the quality it produces. We are able to print a bunch at once since the printer has a large build volume.

The slideshow below shows one of the 3D printed models before its gold chrome application.

We love how smooth the prints come out using SOMOS resin.

We employ a special process to make the 3D prints look like they are gold chrome. While we have the ability to metal plate 3D prints, for this project we decided it would be best to utilize this process instead due to the short timeline.

Here is a shot of the prints in the curing oven.

Gold chrome look applied and polished before models are mounted on base.

We were very happy with the final product as was our client. Each trophy was personalized with a laser engraved plaque at our clients request. Even though no 3D scanning was involved, this was one of our favorite projects to date. We are honored to have been a part of this special custom awards project.

The final product with laser engraved plaque.