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Let us capture a 3D scan of your physical objects or person(s) for conversion into digital data. Do you need a file prepared for animation? Do you have a part you want to duplicate for 3D printing? Do you need to create AR/VR assets? We employ the use of multiple 3D scanning technologies and will choose the best option for your particular project. Our full range of scanning services are available on site or at our Brooklyn, NY studio. 



Our 3D modeling team posses the skill and ability to create 3D models designed to your specifications. We can work with a simple idea, drawing, existing 3D model, convert a photo to a 3D model, and will remain in contact during the modeling process to ensure your model is up to your standards. We happily offer edits based on your feedback and will work until the model is created exactly to your vision.




Additive manufacturing allows for the conversion of 3D scan or CAD data into real world objects at a significantly greater rate than traditional manufacturing methods. We are experts in this process and can fulfill your rapid prototyping and short run manufacturing needs by using a variety of technologies and materials. Please click the link to learn more about what materials/processes we employ.



We provide a seamless reverse engineering service to help create a CAD file or drawings of a part that that you may need replicated.  We can convert your physical object into accurate CAD data, modify its dimensions to your specifications, create drawings, or create replicas using 3D printing.